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  • Garrick

    Garrick’s father is a humble scribe, his mother a faithful of Pelor; both were slaves. His siblings followed his parents’ footsteps, and together they sought to preach to those who had little hope. They worshipped in secret, for the undead masters of …

  • Curuvar the Brazen

    Curuvar is an eccentric wizard who is suspicious of strangers and notoriously close-mouthed. However, once his trust is earned, it becomes clear he is fond of the phrase “by Mystra’s lost spell.”

  • Kal Clewsoro

    Kal Clewsoro runs an expedition of explorers in the ruins of Spellgard. He is greedy and mistrusting of others. He views all other seekers as rivals trying to steal his opportunities of wealth in ruins of Spellgard.

  • Dvengar

    Dvengar is a battle scarred warlord. He was a former slave and gladiator in the pits of Thay. He refuses to cut his hair as a sign of solidarity with those still captive in Thay. He is a friend of Garrick that also met Kor while exploring Spellgard. …

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