S13 C13 D10 I20 W10 C8 HP 38 Good aligned Speaks Common and Goblin

  • Feats: Ritual Caster,Armor Proficiency – Leather, Blade Initiate, Intelligent Blademaster.
  • Skills: Arcana, Dungeoneering, History, Nature, Religion.
  • Powers: Magic Missle, Scorching Burst, Thunderwave, Force Orb, Flaming Sphere, Shield, Fire Shroud.
  • Rituals: Tensers Floating Disc, Amanuensis, Comprehend Languages, Arcane Mark, Endure Elements, Magic Mouth.

Garrick’s father is a humble scribe, his mother a faithful of Pelor; both were slaves. His siblings followed his parents’ footsteps, and together they sought to preach to those who had little hope. They worshipped in secret, for the undead masters of Thay would brook no dissent. The vampire lord that his family slaved for discovered his aptitude for learning, and took a…personal interest in his family. Soon after, his sisters disappeared. Within a fortnight what remained of his family fled for Aglarond. Taken in by elves, they prospered in this new land. He took to study, and grew bitter that humanity had been reduced to isolated pockets like an oasis in a desert, or subjugated by undead masters and their Red Wizard lackeys. When he saw his brothers he knew the fear in their eyes, knowing what had hunted them. He resolved to find the old ways of power, and to bring these ponds together to form on ocean of knowledge, to guide civilization back to its former glory. As he grew to a man, he swore the Simbuls’s Oath; to guard for her return, bring light to the darkness, and to help those in need. His ambitions would involve danger, of course, since many relics were lost in what are now lairs of monsters or in remote, forgotten parts. So a small group of stout individuals, rather than an army of sheep, will be the hand that turns the pages. This of course was cited in Ode to Memory, written by the prophet Varsuvium for the deity Oghma who said, “Comrades are the fingers that make a fist” before the Company of the Bright Spear brought low the lich Ak-Thang and recovered the Cup of Grimthys. And so his search for lost knowledge will start with a search of four comrades of stout heart. Having read some letters written by Curuvar the Brazen and believing they were of like mind, he resolved to search for both knowledge and comrades at the Grey Vale just west of the Greypeak Mountains. Along the way he of course kept his eyes open, and his tricks at the ready. One fair eve as he hoisted a flagon after a long days travel, he noticed the many scars of Dvengar, a warlord. A conversation was struck about the dangers of travel, which flowed into religion, spilled into adventure and dribbled with laughter. The two held much debate into the wee hours of the night and became fast friends. Although they resolved to work together for their common goals (for would that not more then double their chances?), Dvengar had a vow to uphold, going back to his days as a gladiator that would brook no delay or assistance. And so they gave promise to find others of stout heart, and to meet when they could. After a wearying journey, he arrived in Loudwater. Despite the long journey, he asked around for hours, getting the lay of the land as soon as he arrived. As night fell he took a room at the Green Tankard Tavern. When he awoke he hardly recognized himself with the scruffy, dirty clothes, and unshaved face. Taking care of his appearance, he sent a missive to Curuvar, asking to be allowed to make an appearance before The Brazen. Despite his impatience, he knew that with great power comes great ego, and he could ill-afford to offend this one. And so he resolved to wait to hear from his soon to be host, and kept an eye on the locals, for sometimes rare gems can be found in unlikely dungheaps…


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