Cordio Hammerstriker

Cleric of Moradin


Str 16, Con 16, Dex 12, Int 10, Wis 16, Cha 12

Feats: Dwarven Weapons Training, Light Shield Prof., Heavy Sheild Prof. Ritual Casting

Selection of Cleric powers: At Will, Lance of Faith & Rightious Brand. Encounter, Healing Strike & Split the Sky. Daily, Guardian of Faith & Weapon of the Gods. Untilty, Shield the Faithful. Plus Channel Devinity (Devine Favor & Turn Undead) and Healing word.

Languages: Common, Dwarf, Giant

Major Equipment & Wealth: +1 Dwarven Chain, Hammer of Justice (Craghammer), Heavy Shield, +1 Holy Symbol, Share of party gold, Large empty sack to carry future loot as the party pack mule (Dwarf).

Alabaster Pillar.


Cordio Hammerstriker was born in the great dwarven halls of Citadel Adbar as the first son of master blacksmith Tordio Hammerstriker. As tradition dictated Cordio apprenticed to his father as a blacksmith and dreamed of nothing more than one day matching Tordio’s skills. When Cordio was forty years old his father retired and turned the blacksmithing shop over to him and his younger brothers. Five years later Tordio was died of an unidentified fever and all prayed that Moradin would welcome him based on his life’s work, in-spite of its dishonorable end. After 6 months of mourning and prayer Cordio returned to his hammer and anvil. He was hammering out a simple repair job he let his mind wonder with thoughts of Moradin to the rhythm of the hammer blows, when a sudden and powerful peace filled his body. He knew at that moment that his father rested in peace yet could not enter the halls of Moradin until his son found a cure for the fever that took his life. Cordio, for the first time in decades, hit his own hand with the hammer and shocked himself out of his trance. However he still felt the power of Moradin flowing within and as he rubbed his injured hand it healed. Over the next 4 ½ years Cordio studied with the clerics of the Citadel, leaving the shop to his brothers. The clerics were astonished at how freely and easily Moradin’s power came to Cordio as the taught him how to use it. Of-course these clerics had been un-able to cure his father’s fever while he lived and were no closer to that cure now. Also the clerics all believed that Moradin’s power was centered in the stones but Cordio disagreed stating that the power flows through dwarven hammers. So at long last Cordio decided that he must leave the Citadel, use his gifts to help all good men, and always look for a cure. It was at this time that a message came to the Citadel from the village of Loudwater hoping for a cleric who could help Garwin’s nephew, Zark, who was starting down a dark path. The clerics of Adbar and Cordio where ready to part ways and Cordio was happy to have a starting point on his life-quest, so he went. Cordio traveled safely down the Delimbiyr River to Loudwater and has now settled into the Green tankard Tavern to prepare himself for Zark.

Cordio Hammerstriker

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