Seekers of Spellgard

Ill Met in Loudwater

Garrick, Cordio Hammerstriker, and Turok meet in Loudwater at Green Tankard. While conversing they are interupted by the noise of Loudwater’s wall be breached by a goblin raiding party. In the course of the battle they meet Zark a rough and tumble looking dwarf. Despite the misguided reputation of Zark, Cordio Hammerstriker a priest of Moradin, takes the misguided youth under his wing. While in Loudwater the new alliance of heroes formed in battle discover the source of goblin invasion is the Barrow of The Ogre King. Curuvar the Brazen a mysterious wizard, encourages the group to further investigate the barrow. Many were the fiends contained therein; A tribe of hobgoblins rudely took up arms against these brave few, who then had to contest with undead crawling from rotting graves. The group investigates and norrowly survives an encounter with Sancossug. Wiseley Garrick bargins for their lives using the the totem horn and the group returns to Loudwater.



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